The Self-Inflicted Nightmare: Why WWE Should Be Kicking Themselves Over Cody

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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been in business for over 50 years. In order for a businessĀ to beĀ around for so long they must have had made some very good decisions and taken calculated risks. With those success comes failures. These failures can come in many forms and many shapes. However, the one…

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Ms. Marvel Volume 2 Issue 13

I love me some Ms. Marvel. The work G. Willow Wilson and crew have done with this character is nothing short of groundbreaking, along the lines that Stan Lee and company incubated with the creation of Spider-Man in the 1960’s. Kamala Khan will be the next big hero that lasts the tests of time. My […]

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Slipping Away…

I’ve had a tremendous amount of change this past year. Last year, my marriage was fast approaching its end. Once it crashed and burned, I moved into my own place, started getting out more, writing more, meeting more people. Hell, I’ve been lucky enough to meet one hell of a special woman recently. Things have […]

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Passion. You have to have passion for what you do. When you create something from thin air, which is what I do as a writer, you have to be able to have passion for what you create. If you cannot muster up the passion to create, why do it? A wonderful opportunity arose a little […]

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(Here’s a story I wrote close to twenty years ago now that seems oddly relevant today. Enjoy.) Jitters by Tim Jousma  It was as if the crowded room suddenly became still. Joe Dekker sat at the table in the coffee shop and stared across the restaurant at the woman who just walked inside; the woman […]

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The Avengers #55

The Silver Age of Comics has brought about changes in pop culture that will reverberate for years to come. From the two major companies, Marvel and DC, the sheer amount of work they created that is still being mined is amazing. But do they stand the test of time? Not always. To get back in […]

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