The Night of the Doctor

by Tim Jousma

A new minisode of Doctor Who has hit the internet and boy is it a good one! It’s a prequel that sets the stage for the big 50th anniversary episode. It also rights a major in justice to an actor who was not given much of a chance to play the Doctor.

Paul McGann is back as the Doctor. His only other on screen appearance as the Doctor was in the 1996 American TV movie on Fox that was meant as a back door pilot to get the show on the air in America. The video above shows how the 8th Doctor, played by Paul McGann, regenerates into who is called the War Doctor, played by John Hurt.

One of the big storylines going throughout the show since it’s return in 2005 has been something called the Time War. A battle between the Daleks and the Time Lords, it was a battle that was set to destroy the universe until one man, the Doctor, ended it all by destroying both races.

Or so he thought. I would fail in trying to explain the storylines that weave in and out of this show. All I can do is recommend that you catch the show in any way that you can, whether that be buying the show on DVD or catching it on Netflix.

On 11/23/2013, Doctor Who will be celebrating it’s 50th anniversary. It has already hit the record books as the longest running sci-fi show in history. It beats Star Trek in one regard. They have never had to reboot the series in order to get people interested in it again. Since day one, the storyline has moved forward on as straight a path as a show about a time traveling alien can be.

After seeing this minisode, all I can say is that I am quite excited to see what the 50th anniversary has to offer. I am ecstatic that not only has Steven Moffat, the current producer of the show, righted a terrible wrong by allowing Paul McGann a chance to end his time as the Doctor in an appropriate way, he’s also done something he didn’t have to do in acknowledging the other Doctor Who related media out there.

You see, the BBC has allowed the show to exist in other formats. Similar to Star Trek in a lot of ways but ranging in far more media outlets, Doctor Who is active in comics, books, and also audio dramas produced by Big Finish Audio. The original actors and actresses who played the Doctor and his companions have come together to create new episodes of the show. What this minisode has done is make the expanded universe of media out there canon in and of itself.

The show is a favorite in my household. I can’t wait for what the 50th anniversary has to offer.