Hawkeye 1-22# Matt Fraction , Aja , Pulido


Matt Fraction’s take on Hawkeye is unique. He’s not shown as this untouchable superhero living in this bubble of luxury. He’s actually an everyday regular guy with his share of problems of the world and just happens to be an avenger. He’s deaf too in the latter part of the series. It’s very hard for me to review this since I love the comics so much but yes a few reckless stories did make me go in Clint Barton’s own words , Aww Futz .

The Good

From the very first page we’re introduced to Fraction’s favourite introduction line : Okay this looks bad .


And frankly after this the running gags pretty much keep going on and on . There’s the infamous ‘Bro’ and then ‘ Are you iron fist ?’

image image

It’s funny and easy to read . The artwork is spot on by Aja and it’s very real though . We all have ‘ tracksuit Draculas ‘ in our real lives in the form of our landlords and the portrayal of sibling rivalry and the essential love-hate relationship is spot on. The sign language art makes us feel disabled which is exactly what Aja wanted . A crash course on how the special needs people feel and cope with life in general. Also kudos to the writer and artist for a very real showcase of how depression really works in the form of Clint Barton and his relationship with the one constant in his life : failure.


The real bro , Barney Barton is wonderful in his own right . He’s the one person who can make Clint fight his way out of his self made illusion of a stasis of nothingness. He’s more powerful with his punches and as good a shot as the both Hawkeyes . And his relationship with neighbor Simone is sweet .

image image

His subsequent death is heartbreaking but his return is so typical and frankly in a word ‘ glorious ‘ And that brings me to the essential character who completes Clint Barton as his emotional support: Kate Bishop who is basically Hawkeye in her books whilst Clint is Hawkguy. She’s a rich spoilt brat who’s as good a shot as Hawkeye and the emotional support of Clint when he’s at his lowest .  image image

These panels capture the essence of the character. She is a kickass female lead and throws shade way better than Clint . Also the end battle is great and spiced up with the occasional aw moments . Also special mention for Lucky the pizza dog . His psyche is shown brilliantly and he’s always there for Clint .

image image

The Bad

Well the simple fact is Kate Bishops’ individual story starts up great but then fizzez out with too much Madame Masque and you kind of wish back the return of Clint Barton .


Also I hated Clint’s exes and for me Penny was selfish yet refreshing better than Spider Woman , Jess. And his ex wife Bobbi was pretty much awesome in comparison though .


Bottom line is this review is a full on appreciation of Clint Barton and is fraught with spoilers if you haven’t read the series , yet .


Still , I highly recommend this arc on Hawkeye by Matt Fraction. In all honesty it made me see the character in a new light and made me fall in love with him and maybe with Kate Bishop too . It’s pretty lighthearted and funny and just enough to make you glow after a bad day , Bro. Also you could be hit with a special Barton arrow if you don’t agree with me ! Just putting it out there . image


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