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Welcome to The Jousma Files

Why start a blog? What makes a person feel so special that they feel they, of all the people that populate the globe, have special enough opinions that the rest of the world should be let in on what is happening in their head? What makes a writer of any sort feel the need to present their work to the public for their approval or scorn?

The purpose of my blog is for purely personal reasons. Like most writers, I have encountered a case of writer’s block. Writer’s block to me is a writer that is simply waiting for the muse to hit when they should be treating the job of writing as just that, a job. It’s a musical instrument. You have to do it everyday for it to be any good. What does good in this case mean? Does that mean having such amazing writing that everyone likes your work? No. There are plenty of authors making a good living today writing that on the technical side are just not good writers. I think of James Patterson. He’s not a good writer when it comes to the nuts and bolts of writing. But what makes him special, what makes him such a famous author is that what he does do well, he does great.

What I mean by good is technical ability and you only learn that but doing it everyday. Using the musical instrument analogy again, if you only play the guitar once a year you will not be very good at it. Sure, you may be able to play Mary Had A Little Lamb but you’re not going to be as good as you could be if you practiced everyday. Now practicing everyday will not necessarily bring you to Jimi Hendrix ability when it comes to playing but you will still be able to get more from the instrument that not practicing at all.

This blog for me is just that. My practice. By reading the works of others and writing about it, I am performing the practice that writers should be doing with their instrument, a pen and paper (or Bluetooth keyboard and iPad in my case). By focusing on comics I feel I can accomplish two things at once here. One, I can see what works and what doesn’t for an art form I know a thing or two about with writing and two, I can expand my knowledge in an art form I know next to nothing about by commenting about the art. A side benefit of this has been the fact that I’ve been noticed by other blogs like Bounding into Comics and Warped Factor who have been gracious enough to allow me to contribute to their sites as well. I’ve also been able to speak with some comic creators which has been a great learning experience.

So I continue on with this little experiment of mine. Things have changed from the first review until today. I’ve tried some things out which sometimes have worked and sometimes failed miserably. But trying them is the important thing. That means I need to keep this blog fluid and not lock myself into any sort of schedule. I will continue to read what I like. If that means focusing on one series alone or reading something new that comes my way than so be it.

If you are an comic book creator of any sort I would love to read your work. Whether I end up liking the work or not is irrelevant. The Internet has been great for giving people more avenues to get their work out to the public but the drawback is that a lot more people than ever have their work out there. It is tough to get noticed. If I can help in any way, I would love to do so.