That little thing called fear…

I don’t know what did it. I had such a streak going on this website as well as contributions to and then boom, nothing. What happened to me? Well, fear. Fear of what, I don’t know. Maybe it’s self esteem issues. When you build up something like this, even though this ain’t much, it takes hard […]

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Last Days of Black Widow #20

   One of my favorite comic books of late has been the Black Widow series from Marvel. Thanks to the Marvel Unlimited app, I’ve been able to follow the adventures of Natasha Romanov as she deals with the consequences of her actions as a Soviet spy, an Avenger, and an Agent of SHIELD. It really […]

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The City on the Edge of Forever

When people are asked what the best episode of the original Star Trek television series is, most folks will state The City On The Edge Of Forever as the best and for good reason. From open scene to sweeping finale, that episode was the best written episode on television. Originally written by renowned writer Harlan […]

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Ike Perlmutter and Marvel Comics

Donald Trump made news the other day when he skipped the latest Republican Debate to hold a special event on his own for veterans. The event was held as a fundraiser which was broadcast on CNN and MSNBC as counter-programming to the event held on Fox News. During the course of the broadcast, Trump announced […]

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Ultimate Spider-Man #23

We left Peter Parker with Norman Osborn in his study after Norman had injected himself with the chemical that made him the Green Goblin. That was one heck of cliff hanger if you ask me. One aspect of the Ultimate Spider-Man stories that I have loved have been the way Brian Bendis has found ways […]

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Wolverine #8

Comic books are riddled with deaths. From Uncle Ben, Bucky, Superman, and others, important characters have ended up on the wrong side of something and have bit the dust. Apart from Uncle Ben, the part about death when it comes to comic books is that you shouldn’t expect a character to necessarily remain dead. That’s […]

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Blink #1

   The X-Men. Thanks to various cartoon appearances throughout the years I am familiar with the characters but admittedly have not read too many of the comics where the characters originated. I wish I had a reason. I don’t hate the characters. Wolverine is an amazing character that I absolutely love yet for whatever reason […]

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